Testimonials ForJennifer Shenk

Tom and Adrienne

We used Jen Shenk for our first time home buying adventure, and I can’t imagine our world without her now. We met her at an open house 5 months ago, she was the sellers realtor at the time. During the tour she was down to earth, realistic, honest and so easy to talk to, she didn’t hide anything, she didn’t fluff anything, and she didn’t try to distract us from any issues the house may have had — all things we had blatantly picked up on from other realtors at open houses. [Don’t get me wrong, I understand the tactic of selling, but this is our potential home, not a pair of jeans I may, or may not look good in, this isn’t the time for ego fluffing.] When we got to the car after the tour, my husband and I knew – she was the one. THE. ONE. Finally!! So the house hunt began. House after house, dud after dud, she assured us ours was out there, and that she’d take as long as needed to find our home. Finally we thought we found it, we placed our first offer ever! So much excitement I literally puked. Jen tried to wrangle in my crazy-anxiety excited-nerves, but realistically she’s human and not responsible for my inability to handle excitement overload — god bless her for trying. Sadly we got out-bid and didn’t get the house. Womp-womp. But positivity conquered as Jen assured us it just wasn’t meant to be. Two weeks later a tour to end all tours — we found it, we knew it, we felt it, we loved it, we had to have it. THE house! Jen shifted into gear and blew us away with her attention to detail and followup emails and phone calls. Working with her from that point on was a whirlwind of activity. So. Many. Papers. Her online document signing is fantastic, thank god for being able to sign a P&S [+700 other things] while at the check-out in Hannaford. If we didn’t understand something she would get back to us within MINUTES of us sending an email — like, really, the woman never sleeps, she’s always on top of her game, she has the energy of a thousand suns, and she’s always on-point with her knowledge and experience, dishing out FHA regulations we needed to pay attention to, or scenarios we would know nothing about being first-timers, her head is jammed full of incredibly helpful information. We closed two weeks before Christmas, the amount of activities going on in peoples lives at that time tends to be really high — but you never would’ve known with her, as far as we were concerned we had her undivided attention. I can’t thank her enough for her time and effort towards finding our home, and for her patience and understanding. She’s an amazing person first and foremost, and an amazing realtor to boot. I can’t imagine having had anyone else with us on that journey. The laughs, memories and positive energy from our experience with Jen will literally be ingrained in our minds forever, she’s amazing!